Welcome to Preppers Shop UK.

The biggest and best camping, outdoors and military surplus shop.  When camping it can be really hard to find a suitable place that stocks all your essential items that you can have a look at in person before you buy. We have everything you need, from Kelty tents and camping chairs to the largest amount ofContinue reading “Welcome to Preppers Shop UK.”

Have you seen one of our newest brands here at Preppers Shop UK?

Kelty have some really stylish, reliable camping equipment, from camping chairs that are suitable for single use, double use or even an amazing three seater. These chairs are the ultimate item for your camping needs or even for those days out at the beach. Each chair has steel frames, so they can really withstand allContinue reading “Have you seen one of our newest brands here at Preppers Shop UK?”

Want to try something a little bit more lightweight for camping? Why not try one of our hammocks?

The last item on our last is the DD Hammocks Superlight Tarp in olive green. This tarp ensures you remain safe and dry in any weather. Whether you are camping, fishing or travelling this tarp has been designed to be as lightweight as possible. Here is just a small collection of hammocks we have chosen but youContinue reading “Want to try something a little bit more lightweight for camping? Why not try one of our hammocks?”

Some Of The Best Items For Power Travel.

Here at Preppers Shop UK we stock a range of Powertraveller products to suit any individuals needs when outdoors. Powertraveller have skillfully manufactured solar panels, lighting and powerbanks so you can stay connected even off grid. Whether you are camping, hiking or exploring the wilderness Powertraveller can charge your device no matter where you are.Continue reading “Some Of The Best Items For Power Travel.”

Our Top Items For Water Purifictaion

Water storage and purification is so important and making sure you keep hydrated in the wild is definitely a major necessity. Here we have hand picked our top items to keep hydrated and make sure you get the most out of your water systems. Our first item we have chosen for you is the Lifesaver Jerrycan-Continue reading “Our Top Items For Water Purifictaion”

Introducing the Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto Knife

The Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto Knife is a brilliant tool for outdoor tasks! Contrived from AUS-8A Stainless Steel the blade has great wear and corrosion resistance which allows the knife to be able to be used in even the toughest of conditions. It also has great edge retention and sharpness so this knife canContinue reading “Introducing the Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto Knife”


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About Us

Preppers Shop UK was founded in January 2014 to meet the ever growing demands of UK preppers. With ever growing instability worldwide, be it financial, military or enviromental, problems are imminent and showing ever increasing signs of problems arising rapidly.  We are here to make sure that you guys feel prepared!

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