A dog is a mans best friend!

When hiking or dog walking it is so important to make sure your canine friend is healthy especially when walking on rough terrain. Dogs really do love to run free and roam and sometimes can get injured.

We have recently received some medical kits from Adventure Medical specifically catered to your four legged friends. Inside the pet kit you will find- 2 x Sterile Gauze Dressing, 2 x Sterile Non Adherent Dressing, 1 x Conforming Gauze Bandage, 1 x Irrigation Syringe 10cc with 18 Gauge Tip, 1 x Saline Wound & Eye Wash, 1 x Elastic Bandage Self Adhering, 3 x Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 6 x Antiseptic Wipe and 2 x Alcohol Swap, as well as all of these first aid items you will also receive a pet first aid manual which will tell you all the information to look after your pet correctly when in any harm.

You can find the trail dog first aid kit on the website for £31.99.

We also have an Adventure Medical Kit- me and my dog addition, this has everything you need for yourself in an emergency or if you find yourself injured whilst on an outdoor adventure but also everything for your dog as well, available on our website for £59.99.

These really are the perfect kits to keep in your backpack or even in the glove box of your car and for anyone that loves to explore and hike.


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