Some Of The Best Items For Power Travel.

Here at Preppers Shop UK we stock a range of Powertraveller products to suit any individuals needs when outdoors. Powertraveller have skillfully manufactured solar panels, lighting and powerbanks so you can stay connected even off grid. Whether you are camping, hiking or exploring the wilderness Powertraveller can charge your device no matter where you are.

The first item is The Powertraveller Condor 100 Multi-voltage Power Pack with AC Outlet is a highly versatile power pack designed to charge laptops, cameras, smartphones and other 5V to 20V devices. Perfect for travelling, expeditions and long days out this power pack is water resistant as well as dust proof to cope in any weather.

The next item for all your power travel needs is The Powertraveller Harrier 25 Wireless Power Pack. With an elastic strap to attach your appliances to this power pack makes it easy to charge devices wherever you are. As well as that, the wireless 6700 mAh powerpack pack provides the power needed to charge almost any 5V device.

The last item on our list is The Falcon 7 Foldable Solar Panel. If you are in need of a lightweight option for a portable charger then this is the perfect item for you. Using direct sunlight this solar panel contains high efficiency monocrystalline sunpower cells, which produces more power to get maximum charge for your essential devices no matter where you are.

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