Introducing the Cold Steel Bird & Trout Neck Knife

Originating from Japan the Cold Steel Bird & Trout Neck Knife is ideal for avid fishermen!

Constructed from AUS-8A Stainless Steel the blade is easy to sharpen and is wear resistant, making it the perfect knife to withstand extreme conditions. The blade has a drop point style which provides the knife with a larger belly for slicing! For even more efficiency the knife has been covered in a satin finish which reduces any reflective glare.

The handle has a lightweight skeletal profile, making the knife highly effective, as it allows a better range of movement, this makes it ideal for gutting fish as the knife can smoothly miss any bones. Made out of the same steel as the blade the handle is very durable and also glare resistant. The ring present at the end of the handle can allow the user to dangle the knife on their finger when it isn’t in action, but it can then instantly swing back into the hand for use!

Finishing the versatility of the knife is the black Secure-Ex sheath that provides protection and storage when this neck knife is not in use. Adding to the usefulness is a chain that allows the knife to be hung around a neck for easy transportation!


  • Overall Length- 6.38″
  • Blade Length- 2.25″
  • Weight- 22.70g
  • Blade- AUS-8A Stainless Steel
  • Sheath Included

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