Introducing the Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

The Cold Steel Perfect balance thrower is a must have throwing knife!

Contrived from 1055 Carbon Steel, the knife’s blade is highly durable as well as wear resistant, this means that the knife is ‘perfect’ for its use as it can be thrown multiple times without any damage! The blade also has a clip point style which provides a sharp and controllable point, making it great for piercing. Again, this is a specific quality that throwing knives need to have. To make this knife even more superior is the black finish, covering the blade, this allows the knife to have glare resistance making throwing the knife more accurate as light will not be reflecting into the users eye line.

The handle has been made out of polypropylene, giving the knife chemical and corrosion resistance, so it can be used even in extreme conditions. Another great characteristic about the handle is that it has replaceable scales, this means that if any blemishes did occur it can be easily repaired!

The Perfect balance thrower is also highly versatile, as it can be used as a survival knife, cleaver or hatchet, as well as its common use as a throwing knife. Who wouldn’t want this as a part of their collection?

To transport this knife with you wherever, you can complete the look with the Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing Knife Sheath!


  • Blade Length- 9″
  • Overall Length- 13.5″
  • Weight- 437g
  • Handle Material- Polypropylene
  • Blade Material- 1055 Carbon Steel

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