Introducing the Cold Steel Gladius Throwing Knife Set

Knife throwing is a fun and unique sport which overtime can become a skill. The Gladius Throwing set is ideal to get you started on your knife throwing journey!

Designed by the Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson himself each knife has a one piece tempered steel blade is contrived from S50C Carbon Steel. This provides the knife with wear resistance against abrasion and allows the knife to retain its shape. This type of steel also makes it easier to sharpen the knife, which already has a very sharp edge. Having a spear point blade style provides the knife with a sharp and strong tip, as well as, making it more controllable. This is due to the balanced weight from the blade being symmetrical- resulting in these knives being great for throwing. Finishing the blade is a black, non reflective coating, this means that the user will not get any glare from light that is being reflected off the knife, resulting in more accuracy when throwing.

The handle is also made of the same carbon steel as the blade and consists of grooves. These grooves allow a better grip on the knife, making throwing more controllable and precise. The handle also consists of five holes which will reduce the overall weight and give the knife more balance. This in turn makes the knives even more efficient for throwing.

To complete the set is a black nylon sheath that will store the knives as well as transport them.


  • Blade Length- 8.25″
  • Blade Material- S50C Stainless Steel
  • Weight- 303g
  • Overall Length- 14″
  • Sheath Included

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