Introducing the GI Tanto Fixed Blade Tanto Knife

The GI Tanto Fixed Blade Knife is perfect for tactical use, whether that is for camping, hunting or everyday cutting needs.

Contrived of 1055 Carbon Steel allows the blade to have immense toughness and retention, this wear and impact resistance holds the edge for a long time. The Tanto style of this blade gives the knife a variety of useful characteristics. Having a Tanto blade makes the knife more strong, as the point has a lot of power behind it. It also is easy to sharpen due to having no curves and is great for stabbing through hard materials. Making the knife even more functional is the black finish on the blade, this provides rust resistant, making the knife last even longer.

The handle of the knife is constructed from polypropylene, this material is ideal for a knife’s handle as it is resistant to moisture, allowing the knife to be used in wet or other extreme conditions. Not only that, but it is resistant to corrosion again making the knife long lasting. Polypropylene can also be easily repaired if any damage does occur, but due to its good fatigue resistance this is unlikely to happen.

Another great feature of the knife is that it can be converted into a spear by removing the handle scales, making it multifunctional and versatile. The knife is completed with a Secure Ex sheath, so it can be transported easily!


  • Blade Length- 7″
  • Overall Length- 12″
  • Weight- 340g
  • Sheath Included

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