Introducing the Cold Steel Bushman Fixed Blade Knife

This Fixed Blade knife is one of the two Cold steel Bushman Knives, the other being the Bushman Bowie knife. Both of these knives have a great reputation for being one of the best and strongest survival knives.

The blade of the Bushman Fixed blade knife is contrived from carbon steel, giving it the beneficial characteristic of being sharpened easily as well as being highly durable. A dark coating covers the knife to give it protection against corrosion and also giving the knife a fierce aesthetic.

There are no joints or seams between the blade and handle that requires a mechanical fastener, instead they are cold forged out of a single piece of SK-5 high carbon steel and then heat treated. This means that the knife can withstand an immense amount of pressure.

The handle itself provides versatility to the knife, as being hollow it allows the choice of survival supplies to be stored in it or for handle extensions to be used. Not only that, but it allows the knife to be great for throwing as air resistance will be decreased.

Finishing the look of the knife is the black Secure-Ex belt sheath that is constructed out of moulded plastic. Attached to this sheath is a Forrocerium fire steel rod, for those emergency situations where a fire starter is needed. This knife is great for any survivalist!


  • Overall Length- 12″
  • Blade Length- 6.75″
  • Carbon Steel
  • Sheath Included

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