Introducing the Anglo Arms Large ‘Rambo’ Style Survival Knife

This Rambo style survival knife is a great display piece to have in a home.

A similar style to the knives used in the famous movie franchise- Rambo, this knife is based on the design of Vietnam-era survival knives that were carried by USA pilots. The point of this knife was that if the plane crashed the pilot would have the essentials they would need to survive until they were rescued.

The stainless steel blade has a clip point style which allows the knife to be very versatile. Another feature that allows the knife to have different purposes is the serrated spine as it means the knife can cut a range of materials. A black coating covers the blade other then on the edges, this not only gives a mighty appearance but also reduces any glare from the knife.

The handle is contrived of stainless steel and has a black paracord that is wrapped around it, this can be easily taken off and used for other purposes like tying, as well as giving better grip when the knife is in use. At the end of the handle is a screw on top with a compass attached, to allow easy navigation. When this cap is taken off, inside the handle is waterproof tube containing a survival kit, consisted in this is some essentials that one might need in an emergency situation. This includes matches, a plaster, a fishhook and fishing line, a sewing needle and thread, perfect for any survivalist! A hand guard is attached to the handle to ensure extra protection, also present on the hand guard are two holes to allow the option for the knife to be used as a spear.

Finishing the look of this knife is a black leatherette sheath which has a beautiful engravement of a wing on it. A tassel is also present at the end of the sheath to give the ability of hanging the knife and allowing extra security!


  • Overall Length- 14.92″
  • Blade Length- 9.65″
  • Weight- 556g

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