Introducing the Anglo Arms Expendables 19.75″ Bowie Movie Style Knife

This Bowie Knife is a must have display piece for any avid movie memorabilia collector!

This knife is based off one of the most well known knives used in the famous movie franchise the Expendables. Used by Gunnar Jensen and Lee Christmas on their mission to stop a merciless dictator, this knife is the ultimate survival knife!

The blade has a clip point style where the spine continues past the handle, and partway across the spine near the tip of the blade angles downwards. This provides plenty of belly making the knife good for slicing and stabbing. This is a great survival knife due to it being a Bowie as it means it is slim and agile enough for cutting a range of materials whether that is rope, wood or vegetation. The large blade also gives the knife a sturdier build making it ideal for use in harsh conditions!

The handle is contrived from resin giving it a stunning appearance as well as being highly durable. Attached to the handle is a large golden ornate finger gold with an extending gold stripe that goes along the spine of the blade, this not only provides extra protection when the blade is being used but it also contributes to the knifes mighty aesthetic.

For easy transportation the knife is completed with a black leatherette sheath!


  • Overall Length- 19.5″
  • Blade Length- 13.75″
  • Weight- 824g
  • Blade- 440 Stainless Steel
  • Leather Sheath Included

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