Introducing the Anglo Arms Rambo 5 Movie Style Knife- Green

Nicknamed the heart stopper this knife is ideal for collectors and survivalist!

Being one of the last two knives of the famous Movie franchise Rambo, the Rambo 5 Movie Style Knife will complete the Rambo Knife collection. From the Last Blood movie released in 2019 this knife is slightly larger than its counterpart and takes homage to the survival knife in first blood, but is also given a more modern tactical aesthetic. Not only that, this replica is based off of a knife which Sylvestor Stallone, an avid knife collector himself, helped develop- therefore this is a must have!

The 440 stainless steel blade has been given a spearpoint this allows more control and precision when the knife is being used, it also gives a sharper point making the knife great for piercing. Having a full tang means that this knife extends the full length of the grip portion of the handle, giving it strong, dependable and steadfast characteristics. A full tang knife will also have more metal in the handle compared to knives with other tangs, this provides a better balance, leverage and versatility, this is why the knife helped Rambo with his revenge against the cartels.

The handle of the knife is made out of metal, providing even more durability, and is covered by a green wood effect, it also consists of a hand guard for extra protection, finger grooves to allow a sturdy grip and a lanyard giving the user the option to hang the knife. Finishing the appearance of the great collectible is a two tone brown sheath, giving the knife the ability to be transported easily.


  • Overall Length- 15”
  • Blade Length- 9”
  • Blade Thickness- 6mm
  • Weight- 612g
  • Leatherette Sheath Included

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