Introducing the Anglo Arms Heavy Duty Dundee Bowie knife

The Heavy Duty Dundee Bowie knife is a great collectible for anyone who is a fan of the famous Crocodile Dundee Movie franchise!

Based off of Mick Dundee’s Bowie knife, this knife has been contrived from 440 stainless steel giving it an anti corrosive feature. The blade itself is full tang which means that the metal extends the full length of the handle making this knife durable, strong and dependable. Not only that, the overall balance will be better on this knife due to more metal being present. This extra mass moves the balance point back towards the hand of the user. Therefore, this knife is able to cope with the strain of larger force leverages- which is why Mick Dundee was able to save Sue Charlton from a salt water Crocodile!

The handle is made from beautiful sandalwood. As well as giving it a tasteful appearance the wood allows more resilience and is easier to maintain, it also provides a more comfortable grip and is less likely to slip of out the users hands. For even more security the handle contains three steel pins. To complete the look of the handle is a brass hand guard which allows extra protection when the knife is being used- this is a great survival knife!

For easy transportation is a thick leather sheath with a belt loop.


  • Overall Length- 14.88″
  • Blade Length- 9.84″
  • Handle- Sandalwood
  • Blade- 440 Stainless Steel
  • Leather Sheath Included

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