Introducing the Anglo Arms 20″ Machete with Rubber Handle

This Anglo Arms 20″ machete is a must have for those who need help with bush clearance and tackling those difficult outdoor chores!

The blade is contrived from 440 stainless steel to give it a strong structure and reduce the risk of corrosion. It has then been covered in a black coating, this not only gives it a fierce look but also enables it to have a glare resistant ability. As well as that, the blade is a full tang, this means that the metal extends the full length of the grip portion of the handle, making the machete even more sturdy and dependable as it can cope with the strain of large forces. Not only that, because there is more metal in the handle compared to other knives with different tangs the overall balance of the knife is much better, allowing easier control.

The handle is made of a black rubber, this allows comfort and good grip, which means that the machete can be used even in wet conditions. A finger guard is also present to reduce the risk of hand injuries and at the end of the handle is a whole to give the user the option to has leash on the end!

To complete the look is a black nylon sheath which consists of a belt loop (for easy transportation), velcro strap (for extra security) and a front pouch (for storage of any extra necessities)!


  • Weight- 587g
  • Blade Length- 13″
  • Overall Length- 19.50″

Buy the Anglo Arms 20″ Machete with Rubber Handle on our online store here

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