Introducing the Anglo Arms Rambo 2 First Blood Part 2 Movie Style Knife

Another replica from the famous movie franchise and part of the Rambo Movie knife complete collection, this knife is a necessity for any Rambo fan!

A slightly larger version and similar to the original Rambo Movie knife replica, this knife is has a Vietnam era survival design. Based off the knife created by Jimmy Lile and used by Rambo to help save American prisoner’s of war in Vietnam this knife was legendary!

A key improvement to the original knife is that this one has a aluminium screw on pommel on the handle which can be used as a glass breaker. On the inside of the pommel is a compass- helpful for guidance on where you need to go.

The hollow, watertight handle is wrapped in black cord (that can be untied and used for a variety of purposes) and the blade guards edges feature lashing holes and screwdrivers as well as protecting the users fingers! Inside the handle is a survival kit that contains basic essentials for emergency scenarios, it consists of match sticks, barbed fishing hooks, fishing line and a plaster!

The stainless steel blade has saw teeth on top and a bowie clip point giving the blade plenty of belly for slicing. To make the knife look even more fierce is the black coating that is only present on some of the blade (the edges are kept untouched).

Finishing this knives appearance is the black leatherette sheath that has ‘Rambo First Blood Part II’ embossed on it as well as being engraved on the blade itself. This knife is the prefect display piece!


  • Overall Length- 15.51″
  • Weight- 587g
  • Blade Length- 9.96″
  • Leatherette case with belt slip included

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