Introducing the Anglo Arms Rambo 1 First Blood Movie Style Survival Knife

Part of the Rambo Movie Replica Complete Collection– a must have for any avid movie memorabilia collector!

This Knife is based off the one designed by Jimmy Lile and used by John Rambo in one of the most popular movies in the world- Rambo 1 First Blood. This knife is a larger version of the the Survival knives carried by USA Pilots in the Vietnam-era, the idea was that if a plane went down the pilot could survive off the small kit that was inside the handle until help came. Therefore, this is one of the best designed survival knives created!

The blade is contrived from 440 stainless steel, giving the characteristic of being corrosion resistant. Saw teeth are present on the blade to give the knife the ability to cut through wood, metal and barbed wire- the versatility of this knife is endless.

What really helped John Rambo in the movie was the handle of this knife, which is wrapped in a green nylon cord giving the ability to be used as a rope. On the end of the handle is a screw on cap, on the inside is a compass, perfect for navigation and on the outside is a glass breaker which is useful for emergency situations. Inside the handle is a waterproof plastic case that contains a survival kits, this consists of fishing hooks, fishing wire, matches, a plaster, a striker and sewing needles (like the ones Rambo had to use to sew up his wounded arm).

The usefulness doesn’t stop there, a blade guard is present to not only protect the users fingers but it also has two holes which gives the choose of the knife being a spear for left or right handed use. There is even a Phillip and flat head screwdriver on either side of the blade guard!

Completing this incredible knife is the tanned leatherette sheath with belt loop for easy transportation. Engraved on the sheath as well as the blade itself is ‘Rambo First Blood Part 1’- the perfect finishing touch!


  • Overall Length- 14.06″
  • Blade Length- 8.78″
  • Weight- 454g
  • Leatherette case with belt slip included

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