Introducing the Anglo Arms Eli Style Machete

This machete is a replica from the hit movie ‘The Book of Eli’- perfect for any collector of movie memorabilia!

The blade is full tang, allowing increased force leverage through the handle and against the resistance of the material that is being cut. This means that the machete is ideal against harder material. Not only that, it is contrived from 440 stainless steel giving the machete resistance against corrosion as well as being highly durable. The satin finished blade also consists of five circlular holes that reduce the weight whilst keeping the machetes strength, it also gives the knife a more ascetically pleasing appearance.

The handle has a black cord wrapped around it which gives it versatile to be used in different survival situations when unravelled. It also provides extra grip when being used reducing the potential of the machete being dropped. Just like in the movie this machete has a mighty appearance which is why the replica has been sought out for years by collectors.

To finish the look is a nylon sheath with a shoulder strap and belt loop, which means you can take the machete everywhere with you (just like Eli)!


  • Weight= 756g
  • Blade Length= 17.91″
  • Overall Length= 25.87″

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