Introducing the Anglo Arms Haku 16″ Machete

The Anglo Arms Haku Machete– an ideal addition to anyones tool kit!

The multifunctional 10.5″ blade is full tang allowing an increased force leverage through the handle and against the resistance of the material that is being cut by the blade. This means that this machete is a good tool against harder materials. The blade also has a Kukri style shape which is effective for chopping due to its weight, it is also good for slashing due to its slight curved shape creating a wedge. This will cause the blade to cut deeper and results in the user not having to angle their wrist while executing a chopping motion. Meaning, it is perfect for cutting through even the toughest of gardens!

The handle is two toned with a non slip rubber material, this allows the machete to have fantastic grip even in wet conditions. The slight finger guard provides extra protection and even better grip, making the machete that more secure when it is being used for difficult tasks. The lanyard hole gives the user the option to attach rope or other material so the machete can be fastened to the wrist or a belt loop preventing it from being dropped or lost.

A nylon sheath is also included for easy transportation!


  • Weight: 382g
  • Overall Length: 16″
  • Blade Length: 10.5″

Buy the Anglo Arms Haku 16″ Machete on our online store here

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