Introducing the Anglo Arms 20.75″ Wood Handle Kukri Machete

This Anglo Arms Kukri Machete is a perfect tool for everyday chores!

Kukri Knives are an effective chopping utensil due to its weight at 700g, its curved shape means that it is also good for slashing tasks as it creates a wedge which causes the blade to cut deeper. As well as that, the bend shape means that the user doesn’t need to angle their wrist while executing a chopping motion- they are excellent machetes!

The full tang blade of this Kukri machete allows increased force leverage through the handle and against the resistance of the material which, is being cut by the blade, this means that it can be used for heavy duty tasks. The concave shape creates easier control, making it good for projects that require large amounts of accuracy, this also means that the blade can be used on a variety of materials like, wood, carpet or aluminium sheets. Being a drop point blade means that the machete is good for everyday tasks and again is very versatile. Several holes have been placed in the blade which, reduces the front end weight without affecting its strength, it also give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The handle itself is made from Indian rosewood which, provides a good grip and also is highly secure due to the three stainless steel rivets that have been used. Included is a nylon sheath with a belt loop for easy transportation. The sheath consists of a velcro fastening strap for extra security and also an upper seem which has a velcro section so the blade can be removed from the sheath with ease!


  • Overall Length- 20.75″
  • Blade Length- 15.1″
  • Handle- Pakkawood
  • Blade- 440 Stainless Steel
  • Nylon Sheath included

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