Introducing the Anglo Arms Rainbow Karambit Lock Knife

The Anglo Arms Rainbow Karambit lock knife is the perfect high quality knife for a variety of everyday tasks!

The 2.5″ blade has a stripey rainbow effect incorporated into the silver stainless steel of the knife creating a sleek appearance. To maintain the ferocity of the knife the blade has a sharp claw shape, which is designed for efficient raking and tearing, making it suitable for cutting through foliage or heavy materials.

The purpose of the folding Karambit is to transfer the circular force of the blade along the entire length of the locking mechanism, this in turn will keep the user safe and prevents the knife from collapsing during use. The mechanism of this knife is liner lock allowing easy opening, to assist this is the dual thumb studs on the blade which permits left or right handed use.

The handle itself is identical to the blade in its appearance with a rainbow themed effect. On the bottom of the handle is a large safety ring, this provides grip security ensuring that the blade won’t slip while being used at odd angles on difficult tasks or in specialised environments. This lock knife is always secure and in optimal position!

To complete this impressive knife is a belt clip allowing you to take it anywhere!


  • Open Length – 6.25″
  • Closed Length – 4.50″
  • Blade length – 2.50″
  • Weight – 131g

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