Introducing the Anglo Arms 15″ Hunting Knife

This Anglo Arms 15″ Hunting Knife is a Preppers dream!

Similar to the Anglo Arms 15″ Survival Knife the heavy duty blade has a 14mm v-grind and a rat tail tang giving the knife smoother movement as well as it feeling lighter when being used. However, the blade shape for this hunting knife is a drop point which gives a strong, controllable point as well as a large cutting edge perfect for slicing. The 3mm serrated spine is ideal for cutting through textured materials and it gives the user different options on how to cut certain material. The blade consists of six milled blood holes decreasing the weight without reducing the blade strength, this also give a fierce appearance!

The handle has exceptional surface grip due to it being made out of rubber. Providing protection is the finger guard made out of stainless steel which also ensures a maintenance free long life! Finishing the knife is the high density black nylon sheath with its large belt loop and press stud fasteners for easy transportation. To remove the potential of any fraying or tearing the sheath has had its lower seem riveted.


  • Overall Length – 14.76″
  • Blade Length – 10.00″
  • Handle – Rubber
  • Blade – 440 Stainless Steel

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